A New Family Dining Experience in Hanmer, ON

“The Greatest Pleasure In Life Comes From Doing What People Said Can’t Be Done!” – Chris Vitiello

Chris Vitiello is pleased to announce that he will soon be opening a second Cousin Vinny’s Restaurant & Bar in the Bonaventure Mall in Chelmsford! He is completely gutting the former 2 Thumbs Up from the floor to the ceiling, and will open by the end of May with a brand new facility that is going to be an instant hit with residents of all ages in the Rayside Balfour area.

Family Pic 2Chris opened the original Cousin Vinny’s Restaurant & Bar at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 2, 2009. In only seven years, the 33 year old entrepreneur has become a household name in Valley East and indeed throughout Greater Sudbury. He has brought big name entertainment to the Valley and has built Valley East Days into one of the largest weekend festivals in Northern Ontario.

He is now seizing upon an opportunity to bring the Cousin Vinny’s family brand restaurant to Chelmfsford, in a setting which he calls a “mirror image” of his Hanmer location. “It is exactly like being in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Everyone I meet is so welcoming and they are all saying how happy they are to know that I am opening another Cousin Vinny’s in their mall.”

Both sites of Cousin Vinny’s Restaurant & Bar will offer the same menu selection and catering service. And Chris is especially excited about bringing the type of entertainment that has been so popular in Hanmer to the Chelmsford location. “Rayside Balfour residents will have a wide variety of top entertainment, including the Comedy Night fundraisers that have been sold out weekend after weekend.Family Pic

It truly will be like a duplicate site and who knows, it could be the beginning of a “franchise” chain. But no matter how successful Chris becomes, or where the future takes him, Chris will be forever indebted to his father, “My Dad’s name on his birth certificate is Vincenzo. So I wanted to name the restaurant Cousin “Vinny’s” for him. It’s a very proud and distinguished name that we could build into a franchise and it will be a constant reminder of how if it wasn’t for his support, and the encouragement of my family and friends, I would not be where I am today.”

And so some time during April or May, Rayside Balfour will benefit from the commitment of a restaurant owner who is dedicated to helping build community spirit and supporting organizations in the community.

As Chris always says, “If It Ain’t Vinny’s…..Forget About It!”

Cousin Vinny’s is located at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Make sure you check out the Facebook page as well as the web site. Please contact us for more information or to make a reservation.